I am Co Director and Curator of the Visual Arts Organisation MART working in a curatorial partnership with Ciara Scanlan. As Co Director of MART, I oversee the running of the organisation,  this includes {with help from a mighty Team} managing the large scale of art studios, a year long programme of curated exhibitions in The MART Gallery, our international exhibition programme and art fairs.

Since 2008, Dublin based curators Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan have sought to create opportunities by conceiving creative platforms to support artists from all stages of their careers to test new ground. As a curatorial partnership they have curated over 100 artists through several international exhibitions across Ireland, UK, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Japan, Jackson Mississippi, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. In 2013 the curators launched The MART Gallery & Studios {Dublin, Ireland}; housing two large galleries in a renovated old fire station and have expanded their studio network to host over 150 members in 100 studios in eight studio buildings across Dublin.

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MART is an arts organisation founded in 2007 by Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan. With the help of a skilled team, our mission is to provide creative art studios and promote contemporary art through an engaging curatorial programme to local and international audiences.

Gallery & Curation

Nevin & Scanlan have curated over 100 artists through previous exhibitions, events, festivals and art fairs across Ireland, UK, Europe, USA & Japan. In 2012 the pair embarked on a 16 month journey to transform the old Rathmines Fire Station, launching two galleries in 2013 as a new home for contemporary art in Ireland. MART primarily supports sculpture, video, new media, installation and performance, art making practices that break new ground, that test and stretch the material and immaterial, and challenge conventions of ‘the norm’. In 2016 we had our biggest reach to date, as we signed on eight Artists to be represented by The MART Gallery in a first for the organisation. MART’s programme of exhibitions is supported by The Irish Arts Council.


We are the largest supplier of independent, affordable space for the arts, cultural and creative community in Dublin city. We operate to develop and promote contemporary art. We now support over 150 members in eight studio buildings across Dublin. Check out our studios info pack.


In the past MART has run successful platforms for the showcase of contemporary art through our Hired Gallery ProgrammeResidency SpaceOnline GalleryProject Space, and MART Experiments.  MART has received local and international Press through strong marketing drives. Check out our latest booklet and other publications.


  • We are an artist-led, self-sustaining organisation for the development and promotion of contemporary art. We firmly believe in the self-determining artist and art organisation, as a vital societal and cultural catalyst.
  • We practice facilitative and collaborative methods of curation and art production, led by and for the artist, and their practice.
  • We develop creative platforms to support and challenge artists and as a means of promoting cultural leadership.
  • We support contemporary art through public engagement, while providing opportunities for artists through local and international exhibitions
  • We use methods of pooling resources, problem-solving, exchange and cooperation to resource art, develop and build artistic and civic communities.
  • We advocate for contemporary art, and the artist, through engagement with civic bodies, political representatives, public funding bodies, local and national businesses, national and international cultural bodies and institutions.
  • We seeks to create opportunities in which practitioners are encouraged to take risks and move beyond traditional models of exhibition and art-making.