The Core Project @ RUA RED 2017


Date Title Medium Gallery
2022 What is Going To Happen Next? Experimental Film CIACLA, Los Angeles.
2021-2023:  Culture Chats Video / Performance     Online
2020:                             Matts Chats                Performance                  MART Gallery, Dublin
2019 Milo Performance CIACLA, Los Angeles
2017: August The Core Project – Solo Exhibition Installation / Film RUA RED, Dublin
2013: November Hunk of Confusion Photograph/Audio Talbot Gallery – Dublin
2013: March Klepto Auction Performance / Installation The Art Foundation – Athens; Greece.
  Clean Up Your Own Mess Performance The Art Foundation – Athens; Greece.
  Elasticity – the last encounter Installation The Art Foundation – Athens; Greece.
2012: May Stop, Pause, Reflect Installation NCAD – Grafton Street, Dublin.
2012: March Paddywhackery Performance The Market Studios Dublin
2011: June-Aug Cent Eire Installation & Film Shown in ‘Invite or Reject’  in Popuploop – Chicago, Flux Factory – New York, C4 Gallery –  Los Angeles.
2011: June Trading Pavements Group Screening PQ Festival, The National Theatre Prague,
2011 – May Multiple Works Solo Film Screening Figment JXN, The Plant on 80, Jackson Mississippi, USA.
2010 November The Stranger Performance Performance with Ciara Scanlan, Visit . Milsaps, Jackson Mississippi.
2010 June – Nov ‘The Core Project’ Preview Film & Installation Shown in ‘An Instructional’ Touring Exhibition , Entree-Norway, Shunt-London, SPACE-Bratislava, Stattbad-Berlin , Molesworth-Dublin., Lewis Art Gallery Jackson Mississippi USA.
2010 ‘Selfish Duck’ Film Shown in ‘Culture Night’ by G126, Galway.
2010 ‘Selfish Duck’ & ‘The Baggage of Family’ Film Shown in Not the Usual, The Trades Club Revival, Sligo. Ireland
2009 July D.I.R.T 2 Installation & Film Shown in Open Door Policy, The Galway Arts Festival.
2009 – May – June ‘Expansion Effect’ Installation Shunt, London.
2009 – April i! Installation Shunt, London
2009 – March D.I.R.T Installation & Film Imoca, Dublin
2009 – Feb i! Installation Pogo, Bodytonic, Dublin
2008 – Dec The Free Art Project Art Work Streets of Galway & Dublin
2008 – July The Baggage of Family, Selfish Duck, i! Film & Installation Challenging Behaviour Galway Arts Festival
2008 – May You Don’t Know Me, U R Portrait, A.D Film & Installation Shown in MART’s ‘The Launch’  – Silkes, Galway.
2008 Selected Films Screened Film Bar 8, Galway.
2007 – June Trading Pavements Film Galway City Museum
2006 – May Hotel Mozart Installation UWA Wales
2005 – May The Willow Pattern Installation UWA Wales
2004 – May The Labyrinth Installation UWA Wales