Title: Paddywhackery.

Performer: Matthew Nevin

Aim: Laughter, Recreate stereotypical Irish situation (with some more theory thrown in for good measure).

Gallery: The Market Studios. – Livestock. May 2012. Part of Link Culturefest


  • Bluetack
  • 2 large flags
  • 3 whistles
  • 1 tricolor boa
  • 9 colour bracelets
  • 2 hats
  • 1 scarf
  • 1 wig
  • Jello shots
  • Tricolor face paint
  • 6 inflatable hammers
  • 4 disposable cameras


  • Whistle around his neck,
  • Shorts,
  • Tattoos: Tricolour, black cross and made in Ireland.
  • Hair afro’d like a wig.

Music: WARM UP SONG & REMIX OF Blow my whistle, suck on my lollypop


  1. Opening statement: ‘Lets have some fun’
  2. Play Intro Song.
  3. Get everyone to jump up and down for 10 seconds, touch toes, reach for the sky,
  4. Hand out the flags and get four people to hang them quickly
  5. Hand out the paraphernalia – people with whistle when they hear the word whistle.
  6. Hand out Jello shots!
  7. Show them two dance moves:  box squares and point your finger in the air- give everyone numbers 1 – box 2 – finger in the air!
  8. The performer unveils the hammers and hands them out. Instructions given not to hit on head and must hit only the other people with the hammers
  9. The main action begins when play song, people must dance and others must fight.
  10. Near the end of the song – Performer leaves the chaos in action.
  11. Ends when music ends.